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Cart Abandonment

Retargeting helps you entice customers to come back to their carts and complete their purchase. Using a cart cookie, IRIO can custom tailor APIs to send messages to customers who have abandoned their online carts, pushing incentives to bring them back to the site and ultimately convert.

Low Survey Engagement

If your questions are falling on deaf ears, try reaching consumers on the device they use most—their phone. Paper forms end up in the trash and are abandoned once consumers realize they have to mail, fax or scan their form in. Conducting surveys solely through a mobile device has a much higher adoption and completion rate.

Low Customer Engagement

IRIO helps make your business more attractive to consumers with SMS/MMS promotions. Engagement is achieved in many ways—push information regarding a product, service, survey, or even use a custom API to target consumers who haven’t made a purchase in an allotted duration.

Sales Lag

Get your numbers up on slow nights with well placed mobile promotions. IRIO will deliver them to the right people in the right areas at the right time. Push a mobile coupon. Adopt a loyalty program. Target consumers based on the last time they purchased or engaged with your brand.

Lack of Marketing Automation

IRIO’s custom API solutions can tie multiple systems together and eliminate needless man-hours. Once an action is completed in the client’s database (such as uploading a lead or new prospect), the IRIO system can recognize the new lead and immediately send a welcome message or incentivized message.

Lack of Lead Generation Automation

Generating and qualifying leads can be a full-time job. Unless you have IRIO automate it for you with a mobile information solution. A keyword texted to a short code is applicable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and logs all consumer information. Plus, it vets those consumers based on the response mechanisms set up with the campaign.

Call Center Bandwidth Issues

An SMS/MMS customer service solution from IRIO can help automate part of your customer service process, alleviating some of the strain on your call center. Customers can use IRIO’s platform to implement call-back systems or simply direct consumers to the appropriate channel online for help resolving their issues.

Call Center Hold Times

Another way SMS/MMS customer service can alleviate call center strains is by automating part of the troubleshooting process, which shortens call times with operators. For example, consumers can text a keyword to a short code for help clarifying in what area their issue resides and be set up for a call-back at a particular time, ensuring the call center employees are only speaking to consumers who have pre-vetted their issues.

Security Protocols

If multiple forms of identity verification are needed, whether it be for an email password, banking login or human resources platform, IRIO can develop custom APIs to send customers their verification codes based on their login attempts. This increases security and speeds up the time in which they are verified and logged into their respective platform or service.

Crisis/Emergency Notifications

Ensure that your audience reads alerts quickly with an SMS/MMS community solution from IRIO. 90% of texts are read within three minutes of receipt, making them faster and more reliable than email or voice. This notification system is critically important for schools, churches, governmental agencies and corporate entities.

Generating Qualified Leads

All of our SMS/MMS solutions can be customized to gather the customer information you’re looking for, helping you not only get more leads, you get the right ones. Deploy a mobile sweepstakes, then target and vet consumers based on email address inclusion, date of birth, zip code, political party or any other piece of information you choose.


Boost your fundraising efforts by offering donors a fast and convenient way to give. SMS donations are a simple and secure addition to any non-profit fundraising strategy. And through IRIO, a higher percentage of the donation goes to your cause compared to other mobile donation services.


Talent acquisition doesn’t have to be difficult. Simplify the process for both you and your candidates with IRIO’s information solution. By promoting just a keyword and a short code, you can empower candidates to learn about all open positions in an instant, and through the one device they always have with them. Their phone.

Employee Communications

Communicating quickly and reliably with employees is not easy, as more information than ever contends for their attention. Emails and voicemails are easy to ignore. IRIO’s community solution uses the power of SMS/MMS to ensure that your benefits reminder, policy update or urgent alert is seen, and seen quickly. 95% of SMS messages are read within three minutes of delivery.

Anything Else You Can Throw at Us

Our team of strategists and developers can create a fully customized solution for whatever marketing or operations you need to optimize. Contact us today and we’ll get started.